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Design Services

 Graphic Design : Small to large business logo design, Infographics, Flyers, Custom t-shirt designs or any other design wants or needs you can come up with. Contact us at (236)237-3101 or e-mail at Our team looks forward to helping you with any inquires you have! 

​How the process works : As in any industry, clear instruction leads to clear productivity,  As such,  TCM Apparel recommends working with clients through out the design process. This typically involves a 15 - 30 minute phone or web call to gather some insight and learn about your company, target market and the outcome objectives you wish to obtain before moving forward with the design process. Once the design process has began, TCM Apparel will contact you via email with up dates of the design progress and to gather insight about possible changes you may want to make.  Design turn around times average anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months depending on project size and detail. All logo designs come with 3 free renditions, each rendition after will be an extra charge of $50.

Satisfied clients

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